1. Why the Sacred Icon needs a church?

A: Just as we want to feel we have the security to come to a home of our own, in like manner, our Holy Mother deserves it even more.  In times past, when a Wonderworking Icon or Sacred relics have been discovered or revealed, churches and monasteries have been built in those places to honor God and His saints.  (ie The Kursk-Root Icon in Russia and the Panaghia of Tinos Icon in Greece)  We wish to do the same thing with the Miracleworking Iveron Icon of Hawaii, and call upon the Orthodox faithful to help us realize this dream.  The Holy Icon has no home of her own, for the time being, the Icon is kept in a small private home chapel, unavailable to the public.
2. Who is responsible for building a church?
A: Each of us as members of the Holy Orthodox Church should feel responsible to help build it.  The Holy Icon has helped all Orthodox Christians, regardless of their ethnic jurisdiction.  In many cases, bringing Orthodox Christians together who have had no contact beforehand.
3. Who will be the owner of the church?
A: The Mother of God, and she belongs to all of us and not one particular race or tradition.  However, the property will be cared for by the Orthodox Hawaiian Iveron Icon Association (OHIIA), who oversees the safety and protection of both the Holy Icon and the Icon’s Guardian, Subdeacon Nectarios.  The council of the OHIIA Foundation comprises members of various Orthodox churches, and the Spiritual Director of the foundation is His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of New York.
4. Who is organizing the Fundraising?
A: Orthodox Christians coming together as one true Church from differing jurisdictions with one goal in mind, to build a church worthy for the Mother of God’s Holy Icon.
5. Can we organize a local Fundraiser for the Holy Icon in our parish/city?
A: Yes.  Get in contact with the OHIIA foundation (help@iveron.org).  Help us to build a worthy facility for housing the Sacred and Miraculous Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Theotokos of Hawaii.
6. Can we make a monthly donation?
A:  Yes!!  Please visit www.iveron.info to consider making a monthly pledge.  All donations are tax deductible!
We are looking for 500 kind individuals to consider making a monthly donation (through PayPal) for $20 to help the  ministry of the Mother of God’s Sacred Iveron Icon, as she travels throughout the world.  Your donations will also help us to build a home worthy of the Holy Theotokos.  Please donate today.
Orthodox Hawaiian Iveron Icon Association (OHIIA)