This Website was build to facilitate all the blessed intention to get together all the orthodox faithful in a brotherhood effort to build a church or way not an Orthodox Center for all the pilgrimage who will travel to Hawaii.

This website is set up to sell online tickets, receive monthly and one time donations. It will be great if we can get all the stories, pictures and movies about the local efforts to help building a church for Mother of God who is blessing us and strengthening our faith.

If you like to use the same theme that we use in San Francisco we can offer you assistans with:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Acatist Booklets
  • Service Moliftva Booklets
  • Holy Icons
  • Table Trifold
  • Free advertise on this website with fool description of event, location, maps, etc.
  • Selling online tickets using the Tailor Tickets (one time small fee per event), using Pay Pall or Credit CardsĀ  to make a donations and all the funds are going strait to the Holy Icon.

This website is build in agreement and supervision of subdeacon Nectary and Fr. Octavian Mahler (Holy Resurrection Romanian Orthodox parish Hayward CA.), is responsible to maintain it.

If you wold like to organize a Fundraising in your area, together with other orthodox parishes, please send a email at church4iveron(at)gmail(.)com and you will be contacted to set a date according to Holy Icons program.

I am offering my time and this website as a gift to Theotokos and is no fee for me or other members of SF Bay Area Committee, to help other fundraising initiatives, excluding the cost to build/print and ship the books, icons and other fundraising materials.

in Christ our Lord and Savior,

fr. Octavian Mahler